Get Familiar with Different Refrigerator Styles

A refrigerator is used every single day, so you need to consider its durability and functionality. It is a serious investment. The advanced technology is great. Nevertheless, when you go into the market to shop for a fridge, the types and options you get will be overwhelming. So, it is sensible to get to know the refrigerator styles to make an educated decision.

Top freezer

It is a classic style that has never vanished but has been kitchen support for decades. The top freezer means the fridge is at a lower level. It may not be suitable for some [e.g. tall ones], but the cost of this unit is low. This style can be a friendly trade-off for those on budget. Visit to look at the sizes and brands available from their showroom.

Bottom freezer

It is a style popular for variety of reasons. It is convenient to have a fridge compartment at eye level. Finding items become easy. A family member with back issues doesn’t have to bend for getting dairy items or eggs. Bottom freezer models are designed with large storage space in both the compartments. This allows storing items in different sizes as well as width.

Side-by-side model

A vertical fridge and freezer sitting directly adjoining one another are featured in this slim style refrigerator. Its slim profile limits the sizes of items to store and it is not energy-efficient in comparison. Nevertheless, it is very budget-friendly and needs less door swing space. It is perfect for limited kitchen space. The majority of the models contain external water and ice dispenser.

French door

This style offers your kitchen a sophisticated look. The lower freezer set up means a large storage space. You can one door, which is great because this reduces the cool air from escaping. French doors need little swing area but the models have plenty of flexibility to house large or wide items.


This style generally hovers between 27” to 30” deep. It blends easily within your kitchen layout making good use of the space. It is a low-profile option but offers a comprehensive integrated look.

Mini fridge

The mini-fridge offers to cool for small package needs. It is ideal for offices, small rooms, rec rooms, etc. You can get them in different sizes and configurations including double door, glass front, or separate freezer section. You can find freestanding models as well as ones designed to install inside a cabinet setup.

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