Should you Try Bouldering?

Rock climbing without ropes sounds interesting. This sport is called bouldering which is the close cousin of rock climbing but less high-flying. Also, bouldering is equally demanding and fun.

When you engage in indoor rock climbing, you will be targeting a short series of moves that are laid out in a particular route. It is both physically and mentally challenging as you have to think a few moves ahead. You can also climb without a partner. To get started, you need to find a reputable bouldering gym. If you haven’t engaged in bouldering yet, here are reasons to try it:

Bouldering is a Workout

Even if you only have to take five to ten climbing moves, this activity is a full-body workout. You will have to use your arms, legs, back, core, and shoulders to perform this. Usually, those who are bouldering for the first time depend on arm strength; however, it is important to properly use your legs and core to avoid taxing your muscles.

It is Both Mental and Physical

After completing a few routes, you may be physically tired. However, every route requires you to think out carefully for stamina and success. When you visit a bouldering gym such as BlocShop in Montreal to observe, you will find that groups of boulderers converse, point, and stare intently at the wall. This is the pre-planning stage. You can only complete a route if you know where your next move will be.

It is not a good idea to start climbing the wall straight up and down. Rather, you must keep your body in a sideways position so you can fluid motions and make use of less energy. As you boulder regularly, you will be able to learn new ways to move and make a stronger connection between your mind and muscles.

It Makes you Do More

After starting out, you may feel you lost the stamina to do more than few routes. But, you will be willing to do more to build your strength and resistance. You will want to perform pull-ups, squats, push-ups, and planks. These exercises are easy to do outside a gym and quite effective at building a foundation for the wall

When engaging in bouldering, make sure you wear a good pair of climbing shoes. They will help you with wall positioning and movement as well as keep your feet comfortable. Also, put on clothes that let you do a full range of motion.

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